Membership Information


The membership of the Council is comprised of individuals who have voiced and/or demonstrated a desire to support the mission of the US Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Oklahoma, Inc.

 The Board of Directors of the Council will, from time to time, consider all those who have been nominated for membership in the US Marine Corps Coordinating Council of Oklahoma, Inc. (either by personal request or through nomination by members of the Council).  Once the Board has reviewed a prospective member, an offer of membership may be extended to the nominee.

 Prior to accepting an offer of membership, each prospective member should read the Councilís stated purpose and be willing to accept personal responsibility to support those activities permitted by their personal schedule, finances, and health. This offer of membership must be affirmatively accepted by the nominee.

 While no dues or fees are required to become a member of the Council, each prospective member should understand that our stated objectives are funded only through the annual donations of our membership.  A suggested minimum annual donation of $100.00 will allow us to pursue our goals and establish a viable statewide awards and recognition program.  

 Once offered and accepted, membership is to be held until resignation, disqualification, death, or removal by the Board of Directors.  Anyone may resign at any time by giving written notice to any member of the Board or any officer of the Council to be effective on the date of receipt of such receipt or at any later time therein specified.  The Board may remove any Member from Council Membership at any time, with or without cause. It is contemplated that all members will be reviewed annually by the Board.


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