February, 2017 Newsletter


Greetings from your Coordinating Council! This last year has been filled with many opportunities to assist our state wide Marine community and support our active duty and reserve Marine components.  It is my privilege to share with you some of the things we have been doing.  Our overall focus has been and remains on supporting our Oklahoma Marine community and your continued trust and confidence in our efforts allows us to achieve the goals of the Council.     

Our luncheon continues to be a highlight of the Councilís annual program and each year we are thrilled with the support from the members of the Council and the attendance which continues to grow each year.  Our goal is to bring in the very best speakers and leaders of our Corps, and provide you the opportunity to hear the current news of the Marine Corps from the most knowledgeable Marines available.   Just as important, we intend the luncheon to be a time of reflection on the service and sacrifices of our veterans and their families.  We strive to remember our history and honor those who have gone before. We also strive to pass on the lineage and spirit of the corps to the next generations by including many young Marines, JROTC cadets, ROTC cadets and junior enlisted Marines from BTRY F, 2/14 and the Artillery detachment at Fort Sill.     

Last yearís luncheon was exceptional.  Our topic for the traditions and lore portion was the Battle of Hill 488 which took place 15-16 June 1966 in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam. We were fortunate to have had Ray Hildreth who was one of the 16 Marines and 2 Corpsman who fought on hill 488 that night present with us for the Luncheon.   Thank you to the many contributors who make the luncheon possible.   Thank you to our coin donors, who provide a unique coin each year to commemorate the history recounted in our traditions and lore presentation.   We also owe a thank you to the members who donate the door prizes each year that have become an anticipated surprise at the conclusion of each luncheon.   

We would like to thank the sponsors of the Council who have been very generous in supporting our objectives.  BancFirst has been with us for a while and we are proud to be associated with such an outstanding organization.  We also like to give a special thank you to Harold Copeland and his family, who have contributed significantly to the Council.  We are truly blessed to have such honorable and generous sponsors.  

This yearís luncheon will once again be at The Tower Hotel at 3233 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City , Oklahoma 73112 .  We have scheduled the luncheon this year for Friday, the 27th of October, 2017.  More details will follow as we get closer to the luncheon, but I can assure you that we will do our best honor our Marine Corps and Marines during this the program.   

With the support the Council is receiving, we continue to support our units/organizations and Marines.  Highlights of  the Councilís support of our Marine Units and Organizations include:    

         Sponsoring a significant number of Marines from supported units to attend the annual luncheon, including our JROTC cadets from local high schools.  We continue to believe this is one of most valuable programs we offer to allow as many Marines as possible to attend the luncheons and enjoy the experience.

         Sponsoring the Community Service awards for both the Anti-Tank Training Unit in Broken Arrow and BTRY F, 2/14 in Oklahoma City, which are presented to both a reserve and active duty Marine in each unit in recognition of outstanding community support.

         Sponsoring the award for the Marine Corps League ďMarine of the YearĒ, who is recognized each year at the annual birthday luncheon.

         Support for our three Marine Corps High School JROTC program in the state through sponsorship of transportation to drill and marksmanship, unit t-shirts and sponsored seats at the annual luncheon. 

         Supporting Fort Sillís Marine Detachment Devil Dog run by funding the medallions awarded following the race.  This program directly enhances the detachmentís efforts to raise funds for their Birthday Ball.

         And one of our most sought after incentive awards, sponsorship of Oklahoma City Thunder basketball tickets to Marines from the Recruiting Station, Anti-Tank Training Company, F/2/14, Fort Sill , and OUís NROTC in recognition of their outstanding Marines.  These tickets are by far and away the most positively received Council program.     

As you know one of our Council goals is to grow our membership each year in order to continue supporting our Marines in the state of Oklahoma. We would like welcome our newest member, Scott Fomin to our ranks. Scott has attended several luncheons in the past and joined the Council this past November.  If you know of someone who would like to join our ranks please get in touch with us.  It is important to our long term success that we continue to bring in new members.  

On behalf of the Council leadership Iíd like to thank each of you for your generous donations that allow for us to benefit the Oklahoma Marine Corps community.   I would encourage you to please make an effort to send an annual donation to the Council in whatever amount you feel comfortable.   We deeply appreciate your trust and support.   `

The Councilís annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 20 April 2017.  This yearís annual meeting will be held at the Petroleum Club North.  It is located at 1 N Sooner Rd, Edmond, OK.  Please put this date and event down on your calendars and plan on joining us for this great chance to enjoy your fellow Marines.     

The Council Board would like each of you to know that while we work very hard to accomplish the Councilís objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is without question due to your generous and continued support.  Once a Marine, always a Marine

Semper Fidelis,

Anthony J. (AJ) Johnson
Colonel USMC (Ret)



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