August, 2012 Newsletter


Canít believe it is already football season. Donít know where the summers disappear to, but I sure missed this one. We just wanted to give you a quick update on our Coordinating Councilís activities. Our annual meeting on 19 April at the Petroleum Club North in Edmond brought out 46 members and guests. The Council officers use the annual meeting each spring to provide updates and plans to council members. We encourage everyone to try to get to these meetings.

We also announce changes to the Board and officers during the annual meeting. This year Pam Bloustine and I were asked to remain on the Board and Rusty Johnson was placed on the Board for a three year term. Kenny Prewett will continue to serve the Council as treasurer. All of the Board members are honored to serve you and look forward to the continued success and growth of the Council.

Over the years the Council has identified a number of activities that allow us to provide support to Oklahoma Marines in a variety of ways. In addition to addressing individual miscellaneous requests for support, we continue to support the Oklahoma City & Broken Arrow Reserve Unit Community Service Awards; Marine Corps League "Marine of the Year" Ruger pistol award; Fort Sillís Devil Dog Run trophies and medallions; season tickets for Thunder games; and the annual Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon.

We recently learned that in order to save money, the Marines will not be sending any more student pilots to Vance AFB for student training. Marines have been going through primary aircraft training in the T-6 at Vance since 1996. The last Marine student pilot flew his solo flight on 24 August. There will probably be a few of the permanently assigned Marines at Vance through next summer as they wait for new assignments.

This yearís annual Marine Corps Birthday luncheon is set for Friday Ė 2 November 2012. We will be having the luncheon at the Northwest Expressway Marriott at 3233 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 the same location as last year. The Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations Ė Lieutenant General Rick Tryon USMC Ė has accepted our invitation to serve as our Guest of Honor and Guest Speaker and we are expecting a great crowd. Be sure to put this date on your calendar and invite your friends to join us at this great annual event. We will have another custom designed coin for this year. Be looking for your invitation Ė hope to see you there.

We would like each of you to know that while your Council Board works very hard to accomplish our Councilís objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is absolutely dependent upon your generous and continued support.

Semper Fidelis,

Phil E. Hughes


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