February 2009 Newsletter


Now that we have the holidays behind us, itís time to update everyone on the Councilís activities. 

We had another great birthday luncheon last November at the Midwest City Reed Center with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Ė Sergeant Major Carlton Kent Ė on board.  With nearly 400 attendees we had a good crowd of both old timers and first time attendees, who were able to attend even though the luncheon was held on Wednesday rather than our typical Friday.  We were especially delighted to see that so many of our supported units were well represented by their Marines who were present to visit with the Sergeant Major and members of the Council.    

Our coin donors stepped up to the plate one more time and ensured that we would again have a great coin for the luncheon Ė thanks to Jack Skaggs, Rusty Johnson, Phil Norton, Bob OíBannon, Homer Paul, Bill Paul, Leigh Ann Hardin, Gary Lumpkin, Mike McIntosh, Floyd Gilreath, and Glenn Reagan.  Mark Elgin (long time Council friend and supporter) continued his long standing tradition of providing beer and cigars for our after luncheon get together.  Also, thanks again to the Marines from OUís NROTC Unit for their outstanding support on the narration, cake escort, and check-in tables.   

For the door prizes that have become such a great part of our luncheon we are thankful to Sgt Gritís, Ed & Connie Beesley, and Larry Lane .  We received a lot of great comments on the uniform display in the foyer that was provided once again by Keith Myers.     

We received a lot of compliments on the facilities and service provided by the Sheraton personnel at the Reed Center in Midwest City .  It was an outstanding location for our luncheon and as a result we have chosen to go back to the Reed Center for this yearís luncheon.  For this yearís luncheon we have a commitment from the Commandant of the Marine Corps to appear at our luncheon as our Guest of Honor.  Yes, I know we have heard that before, but we are counting on General Conway to actually make it this year.  He has promised to do everything within his power to make it.  In working with his staff to actually schedule his appearance we agreed to schedule the luncheon on Thursday, 12 November 2009.  The Council understands that having the luncheon on a weekday makes it harder for some folks to make the event, but we sometimes have to accommodate the schedules of our Guest Speakers.  We hope that with this much advance notice, you will be able to work your out of town trips around the Commandantís visit.  More details to follow as we get closer to the luncheon.  

Council Support Activities:

         Continued funding of the Community Service awards for both the AntiTank Training Unit in Broken Arrow and Fox Battery, 2d Battalion, 14th Marines in Oklahoma City , which are presented to both a reserve and active duty Marine in each unit.

         Assisted Fox 2/14 finance their Christmas party and Marine Corps Ball.

         Provided funding for Marines from the Recruiting Station; USMCJROTC Sapulpa; OUís NROTC; Fox Battery, 2/14; AT Company; and Fort Sill ís Marine Corps Artillery Detachment to attend the Councilís birthday luncheon.

         Assisted the Marines at Vance AFB in financing their Birthday Ball.

         Supported Fort Sill ís Devil Dog run by funding the medallions awarded following the race.  This allows more of the detachmentís funds to be used for support of their Birthday Ball..

         Assisted Young Marines Ė Tulsa in conjunction with the Schwab Detachment of the Marine Corps League in funding the travel and living expenses for two of their Young Marines to attend the United Nations International Conference on the State of Women in New York City .  This was quite a milestone for these two young Marines Ė Natasha Blackburn & Brennon Strobel Ė since they are only two of twelve Young Marines from across the nation attending the conference.  financially in purchasing uniforms and in sending some of their great folks to summer leadership training.    

         Assisted in funding the Recruiting Stationís Redhawks ballgame outing with 30 of their Marines.  

         With the assistance of Council member Tom Goldsworthy the Council was able to obtain two season tickets to the Oklahoma City Thunder ballgames, which were distributed to Marines from the Recruiting Station, AT Company, F/2/14, Fort Sill , Vance, and OUís NROTC.

         Provided a .45 caliber Ruger pistol to the Marine Corps League for presentation to their Marine of the Year.

         Assisted the Women Marines Association and the Sooner Detachment of the Marine Corps League in financing support for the 6th Marine Division reunion in Oklahoma City . 

         We were not able to obtain two tickets for each game of the Big 12 Tournament in Oklahoma City during March for distribution to deserving Marines; however we are going to continue to look for  available individual game tickets and will distribute them as we get them.     

The financial support which allowed us to provide the assistance noted above is only possible because of your continued support of the Council.  Thanks again to all of you -- we deeply appreciate your trust and support. 

As you know one of our Council goals is to grow our membership each year.  If you know of someone who would like to join our ranks please get in touch with us.  It is important to our long term goals to continue to bring in new members.   Since our annual meeting last April the Council has added the following new members:     

          * CWO3 Richard Geiger USMC (Ret)

          * Raymond McGee, Jr

          * GySgt Michael Grewell USMC (Ret)

          * Captain Daniel Storm USMC (Ret)

          * Randall Cornelius   

We also had a number of individuals who indicated a desire to join but for one reason or another did not return the paperwork.  We hope they will eventually decide to finish the process.

A heads-up for the Albert E. Schwab Detachment 857 Marine Corps League 2009 Medal of Honor Day Ceremony in Tulsa on 28 March 2009.  It will be held at Veterans Park , 21st and Boulder in Tulsa .  The Guest of Honor will be Master Sergeant Richard Pittman USMC (Ret)

The Councilís annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday 16 April 2008 at the Petroleum Club North Ė this is the same location we have had it the past three years.  Please put this date and event down on your calendars and plan on joining us for this great chance to enjoy your fellow Marines.  More details to follow.   

The Council Board would like each of you to know that while we work very hard to accomplish the Councilís objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is absolutely due to your generous and continued support.  Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Semper Fidelis,

Phil E. Hughes


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