February 2007 Newsletter


Time to once again provide an update on the Council’s activities and plans for the new year.    

We were pleased with attendance at last November’s luncheon featuring Major General Steve Johnson.  He is a huge supporter of the Council and was quite complementary of our efforts, as well as the quality of people he met at the luncheon.  Your Council leadership was delighted with the participation of our supported Marine units – given their operational tempo it is always a pleasure to have them join us.  Thanks again to the coin sponsors who make it possible for the Council to provide the coins to all luncheon attendees without charge.  Thanks also to the donors who provided door prizes – especially Ed and Connie Beasley, Don Whitton - Sgt Grit, and Mark Elgin, they always go beyond the call to support our efforts.  We once again received many favorable comments about the “beer and cigars” follow up to the Luncheon.  It continues to be a great chance for extended visits with friends.  Good job Marines. 

We have a commitment from General Jim Conway our current Commandant to be the Guest of Honor at this year’s Luncheon scheduled for 2 November.  Currently we are trying to locate an appropriate facility to host his visit that will accommodate the increased attendance we anticipate.  We are really looking forward to his visit and the opportunity for our members to spend some time with the Commandant. 

Council Support Activities:

·         Provided financial support for family days and pre-deployments for both the Anti-Tank Training Company and Fox 2/14.  Also funded Community Service awards for both reserve units, which are presented to both a reserve and active duty Marine in each unit.

·         Assisted Fox 2/14 in procuring replacement wrestling mats for their physical training requirements.

·         Provided funding for JROTC, NROTC, AT Co and F/2/14 Marines to attend the Council’s birthday luncheon.

·         Assisted the Marines at Vance AFB in flying in their Guest of Honor for their Birthday Ball.

·         Paid for the Marine for Life program luncheon when they invited business leaders and Marines in order to assist in developing future job contacts.

·         Purchased two sets of season tickets to the Hornets games and shared them among the Marines at Vance AFB, Fort Sill , OU NROTC, Fox 2/14, the Anti-Tank Training Company and the Recruiting Station.  This was the second year we have provided these tickets and they have been a bit hit with the Marines who have used them.   

·         Provided a pair of OU football tickets for home games to the Recruiting Station, Fort Sill , Women Marines, Vance, Fox 2/14, and the Anti-Tank Training Company.

·         Supported Fort Sill ’s Devil Dog run by funding the medallions awarded following the race.  This allows more of the detachment’s funds to be used for support of their Birthday Ball.

·         Provided funding for 3 air rifles for the new shooting team at U.S. Grant High School MCJROTC unit.

·         Continued to provide funding for the Sapulpa MCJROTC unit’s trip to the National Shooting Competition.

·         Assisted Young Marines financially in sending some of their great folks to summer leadership training.     

Financial support which allowed us to provide the assistance noted above is only possible because of your continued support of the Council.  Thanks again to all of you -- we deeply appreciate your trust and support.

We have mentioned the Marine For Life program before and it continues to need our support. The program, coordinated by Major Drew Salkeld, is intended to ease the transition of deserving Marines from active duty back into the civilian world.  If you own any companies or have contacts in companies that would be interested in hiring Marines coming off active duty, please contact the Council and we will provide that information to Drew.  Email us at oklahomamarines@gmail.com. 

As you know one of our Council goals is to grow our membership by ten new members a year.  If you know of someone who would like to join our ranks please get in touch with us.  It is important to our long term goals to continue to bring in new members.  

During calendar year 2006 the Council had a banner year, adding the following new members:   

Rick Williamson

Ken Inman

Melissa Lindsey

Jerry Schmitz

Stephen Zrenda, Jr

Ed Corr

Gene Torbett

Chuck Gregg

Harry Deupree

Mike Harland

Darrell Goudge

Tony Taylor

Bobby Killian

Thomas Hill

Glenn Reagan

Billy Coyle IV

MajGen Steve Johnson USMC (Honorary)   



We also had a considerable number of individuals who indicated a desire to join but for one reason or another did not return the paperwork.  We hope they will eventually decide to finish the process.

The Council had three members pass away last year – we lost Bob Lewis, Major Jimmie Johnson, and Bob E. Manchester – all of whom will be sorely missed. 

A heads-up for the Albert E. Schwab Detachment 857 Marine Corps League 2007 Medal of Honor Day Ceremony in Tulsa on 24 March.  The Guest of Honor this year is Colonel James E. Swett USMCR (Ret) World War II Medal of Honor Recipient.  For more information on this event check out the Events Calendar at http://www.oklahomamarines.org.

Also want to highlight Judge Lee West’s efforts as the Oklahoma Liaison to the Governor’s Council of the National Museum of the Marine Corps to provide a Marine Registry to the Museum of all Oklahoma Marines.  The total effort led by Judge West provided more than 4100 names of Oklahoma Marines to the National Marine Registry.  Great job, Judge West. 

The Council’s annual meeting is scheduled for 6:00pm Thursday 26 April 2007 at the Petroleum Club North – this is the same location we have had it the past two years.  Please put this date and event down on your calendars and plan on joining us for this great chance to enjoy your fellow Marines.      

Again, just as a reminder, we have scheduled next year’s Marine Corps Birthday luncheon for Friday, November 2, 2006 with the Commandant of the Marine Corps as our speaker.  Be sure to put this date down on your calendar and invite your friends to join us at this great annual event.   

The Council Board would like each of you to know that while we work very hard to accomplish the Council’s objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is absolutely due to your generous and continued support.  Once a Marine, always a Marine.

Semper Fidelis,

Phil E. Hughes


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