January, 2006 Newsletter


Now that the holidays are behind us and we are well into the New Year itís time to provide an update on the Councilís efforts. 

Brigadier General Krusa-Dossinís visit to Oklahoma City in November turned into a great opportunity for the Marine Community.  Our thanks go out to the Oklahoma City chapter of the Women Marines Association who had initially invited the General to visit as the Guest of Honor for the Oklahoma Women Veterans Recognition Day Program.  As it turned out the General graciously accepted the Councilís request to speak at the luncheon and the Recruiting Stationís request to be the Guest of Honor at their Ball.  What a great weekend for everyone and a special experience for the General as well.  Oklahoma is very fortunate to have such outstanding cooperation and understanding among our Marine units and organizations.   

Our tradition and lore segment at the luncheon focused on Korea and honoring those who fought at the battles of Pusan , Inchon , and Chosin.  We were delighted with the response of Marines across the state for the luncheon this year and we appreciate the many favorable comments received by the Council.  Given the operational tempo of our Marine units we are always thrilled when they can work out their schedule to join us.  Thanks again to the coin sponsors who provided the coins for this yearís luncheon Ė they have really become a much sought after item at our luncheons.  Thanks also to Ed and Connie Beesley for the door prize donations of lap blankets, Edís new book ďLucky EnoughĒ and Joyce Faulknerís new book, ďIn the Shadow of Suribachi.Ē   The Pith Helmet continues to provide a substantial assist in ensuring that the luncheon pays for itself.  We received quite a few favorable comments this year on the beer and cigars Ė always a great opportunity to visit and exchange war stories with friends. 

Council Support Activities:

         Provided financial support for family days and pre-deployments for both the Anti-Tank Training Company and Fox 2/14.  Also funded Community Service awards for both reserve units, which are presented to both a reserve and active duty Marine in each unit.

         Provided funding for JROTC cadets and officer program members for participation in events such as the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame ceremony and the birthday luncheon.

         Purchased season tickets to the Hornets games in Oklahoma City and shared them among the Marines at Vance AFB, Fort Sill , OU NROTC, Fox 2/14, the Anti-Tank Training Company and the Recruiting Station.  They have been a big hit judging from the comments we have received from the Marines who have used them.

         Support ed Fort Sill ís Devil Dog run by funding the trophies awarded following the race.  This allows more of the detachmentís funds to be used for support of their Birthday Ball.

         Provided funding for the Sapulpa MCJROTC unitís trip to the National Shooting Competition.

         Assisted the Sooner Detachment of the Marine Corps League in paying for the OKC visit of former Marine Sam Holiday Ė a Navajo Code Talker with 25th Marines during the battles of Roi-Namur, Tinian , Iwo Jima , and Saipan .    

         Defrayed the cost of the Vance Marines Ball by direct financing. 

         Provided financial support to the Recruiting Station to assist one of their Marines in need.

Financial support which allowed us to provide the assistance noted above is only possible because of your continued support of the Council.  Thanks again to all of you -- we deeply appreciate your trust and support. 

For the future make a note of the Medal of Honor Ceremony on 25 Marc h 2006 .  Sponsored by the Albert E. Schwab Detachment of the Marine Corps League in Broken Arrow , the ceremony will be held at Veterans Park beginning at 2:00pm .  Captain Thomas Hudner USN (Ret) Ė Medal of Honor Recipient - will be the Special Guest of Honor.  

Many of you may be aware that the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame holds an annual ceremony and recognizes deserving individuals.  This year Jack Skaggs was nominated by the Coordinating Council and he was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame at the formal induction ceremony on 3 November at Oklahoma Christian University .  We are looking forward to adding more of our deserving Marine Corps community into the Hall of Fame in the future. 

We have mentioned the Marine For Life program before and it continues to need our support. The program, coordinated by Major Drew Salkeld, is intended to ease the transition of deserving Marines from active duty back into the civilian world.  If you own any companies or have contacts in companies that would be interested in hiring Marines coming off active duty, please contact the Council and we will provide that information to Drew.  You can email us directly at oklahomamarines@gmail.com.

As you know one of our Council goals is to grow our membership by ten new members a year.  If you know of someone who would like to join our ranks please get in touch with us.  It is important to our long term goals to continue to bring in new members.  

During calendar year 2005 the Council added the following new members:  

     *  Joan Willauer      *  J.E. Cope      *  Charles Gambel     *  BGen Krusa-Dossin

     *  Larry Lane          *  Karl Mueller    * Carl Avey   

You probably saw our full color Council brochure at the luncheon and we believe they will help us spread the knowledge of our activities around the state and recruit new members.  If you would like some to hand out please let us know and we will be glad to send you a bundle.   

The Councilís annual meeting is scheduled for April 27, 2006 at a site yet to be determined.  Please put this date and event down on your calendars and plan on joining us for this great chance to enjoy your fellow Marines.     

We have also scheduled next yearís Marine Corps Birthday luncheon for Friday, November 3, 2006 .  The site for the luncheon is still in the process of being selected.  Be sure to put this date down on your calendar and invite your friends to join us at this great annual event.  

The Council Board would like each of you to know that while we work very hard to accomplish the Councilís objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is absolutely due to your generous and continued support.  Once a Marine, always a Marine

Semper Fidelis,

Phil E. Hughes


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