September, 2005 Newsletter


Another great summer slides into the past and the Council is really looking forward to the next few months.  The Oklahoma Marine community has been busy the past few months and I’ll try to update you in the next few paragraphs and give you a glimpse as to our upcoming events. 

Our annual meeting on 19 May at the Petroleum Club North in Edmond was a great time to see everyone.  In addition to presenting the coin sponsors with their coin displays we welcomed two new board members – Bob Staples and Gary Lumpkin – and noted the reelection of Lloyd Hardin to the Board.  We were also fortunate to have most of our ex-officio members (Commanding Officers / senior Marines from each of the Marine units we support across the state) provide a brief description of their unit’s status.   It proved to be very informative and will help us better support them in the future.  It was very rewarding to hear how well the Oklahoma Marine community is doing. 

One of the Council’s primary objectives is to establish relationships with each of the Marine units and organizations in the state and support them in any way we can in recognizing their outstanding Marines and assisting them achieve their varied missions.  Since our last update, we have worked with them (along with significant contributions from the Marine Corps League and the Women Marines Detachments) in a variety of ways.  We assisted the Marine Corps Junior ROTC unit at Sapulpa in their trip to the National JROTC Championship competition where they won the National Championship (last year they won the Silver).  The Marine Corps Detachment at Fort Sill has just completed a very successful Devil Dog Run (fundraiser for their Ball) and we once again provided all of the run trophies and medals.  Additionally, we joined forces with the Marine Corps League and funded family days for both the Anti-Tank Training Company in Broken Arrow and Fox Battery, 2d Battalion, 14th Marines here in Oklahoma City .  With the great reception we received last year for the basketball tickets to the Angeles Lakers exhibition game, we once again sponsored tickets to the October exhibition game coming up between the Seattle Sonics and the Houston Rockets.  This year’s tickets were apportioned to the reserve units in Broken Arrow and Oklahoma City , as well as the Recruiting Station and Fort Sill Marine Detachment.   We also were able to work with the Sooner Detachment of the Marine Corps League in supporting the visit of Sam Holiday, a Navajo code talker in June.  Those who were able to attend the luncheon had an outstanding experience.   Later in June the Council had the honor of welcoming Brigadier General Jay Paxton the Commanding General of the Western Recruiting District to Oklahoma City at the Deep Deuce Inn.  We were delighted to be able to visit with the General, as well as many of the local recruiters who attended. 

A couple of personnel changes have occurred since our last newsletter.  Major Adam Chalkley has taken command of the Recruiting Station in Oklahoma City replacing Major Kendall Martinez who is attending Command & Staff College at Quantico .  Another new Marine leader in the area is Captain Colin Brainard – the senior Marine instructor at Vance Air Force Base.   Also, Gunnery Sergeant Davis – a member of F/2/14 who also serves on the Council Board – is currently deployed to Iraq and finally, Major Steve Sims , Inspector-Instructor at the Anti-Tank Training company in Broken Arrow has returned from Temporary Duty in Iraq   – we are glad to have him back safe and sound.   

For the past several months the Council has been working on a color brochure to assist in obtaining new members and educating interested parties as to the operations of our membership and how to join the Council.  We recently received 5000 copies and we will have some available at the Birthday luncheon if anyone would like to pick some up.  Fortunately, we were able to pay for the brochure using donations from individuals. 

As you may remember, council member Donald Dickey was inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame last year.  We are very fortunate in that the Council’s nomination this year – Jack Skaggs – has been selected and will be inducted into the Oklahoma Military Hall of Fame at the formal induction ceremony on the evening of 3 November.   We will be sending out more information about how to attend the ceremonies when we have the details.  

Once again we are thankful for your membership donations that continue to finance our planned unit support.  So far this year the Council has received more than $6200.00 from our Council members.    We have also been very fortunate that a lot of support to our units is provided on a “gratis” basis from Council members.  Thanks again to those who have provided these gifts and if you would like to provide support in this manner please let us know.  Support of any kind is welcome and those Council members who can contribute financially to our efforts are deeply appreciated, we could not exist without your continued support.  

We have scheduled this year’s annual Marine Corps Birthday luncheon for Friday – 4 November 2005.  Due to a scheduling conflict we had to move the location to the Quail Creek Golf and Country Club this year – it is a great location and we think it will work out very well for the luncheon.  Our Guest of Honor will be Brigadier General Mary Ann Krusa-Dossin – Director, Marine Corps Public Affairs.  Be sure to put this date down on your calendar and invite your friends to join us at this great annual event.   This year’s Tradition & Lore presentation will focus on the first year of the Korean War, particularly the battles in connection with the Pusan Perimeter, the amphibious assault at Inchon , and the Chosin Reservoir.  Due to rising costs we have had to increase the price of the luncheon to $25.00; however, we remain committed to ensuring that everyone who wants to attend can do so; if anyone is in need of assistance please contact us so that sponsorship can be arranged.  Be looking for your invitation – it should be out very soon.  See you there.

We would like each of you to know that while your Council Board works very hard to accomplish the Council’s objectives, we never forget that whatever success we have is absolutely dependant upon your generous and continued support.  Once a Marine, always a Marine

Semper Fidelis,

Phil E. Hughes


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